The Potter's Hand is all about the prevention or relief of poverty and the provision of recreational facilities. And the organsation of recreational activities with the expectation of improving the condition of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are intended for.



It is all about the prevention or relief of poverty.


Bring relief of poverty through the operation of Rehabilitation Centres for victims of drugs & alcohol addiction and for training for work skills and acquisition of life long skills.

  • Daily drop ins.
  • Access to work and housing
  • Team building
  • Skills improvement.

Promote equality and diversity through providing, advocating for and referring transformed victims of drugs and alcohol addiction, the jobless and the homeless to employers, local authority and social services for better access to work and housing.


Provide recreational facilities and events to improve the health and wellbeing of victims of substance abuse, the homeless and the jobless.



A warm welcome is given when you come in.


Getting to know you and us with the purpose of helping and supporting you.  Offer cooked meals.


Help and support is given to help you overcome the challenge and to flourish.

Improve mental health and wellbeing


Tea and coffee served with snacks